Future Projects & Morphs

Where do I start……..regarding future projects. Like most ball python enthusiasts, collectors and breeders we are always looking for that next colored morph and trying different variants to try and produce our own little gem.

In my case the next future projects will ultimately involve the Toffee Ball, fingers crossed that is. I would like to introduce it into the Pastel and Clown Morphs as well as the Caramel Albino. The combinations are endless but it can quite easily run away with you and before you know it you have too many snakes to hold back, that your collection becomes too big to manage.

I will also be producing Albino Clowns and Banana Clowns in the near future these too look spectacular almost as good as the Albino Spinner my favorite of all the Albinos. Not only for color but the combinations of different albino morphed youngsters that are produced from one clutch.

With out a doubt this page will ultimately change regularly as different scenarios regarding new morphs alter all the time and iam no different from most enthusiasts always pursuing the next new morph, without compromising the existing morphs and strains already within my collection.

One recent addition to the above 10/10/13 is the arrival of the new reccesive Monarch morph iam really excited to have this morph in my collection and hopefully produce some stunning off spring in the near future.

Update on Future projects is the Desert Ghost project obviously a great start to 2014 with the NEON Ball we produced a World First, i now have some hold back females which i have managed to breed the last few years coming into breeding condition that iam really excited about. Just a few of the desert ghost morphs i hope to breed in 2014 / 2015 pastel champagne desert ghost, champagne desert ghost, super pastel desert ghost, enchi desert ghost, lesser enchi desert ghost, pastel butter desert ghost, fire desert ghost, firefly desert ghost and the most exciting the coral glow enchi desert ghost.

I will be hosting a page on this site in the near future regarding new and different morph colored ball pythons, so please feel free to send me pictures and a brief description of any you feel are different and I will add them to the page with your reference.
Regards, Tony

Albino Clown